Кор, брат Вэрки (miiir) wrote,
Кор, брат Вэрки

21.03.2020. Восточновропейское, ностальгическое. 10:00 до 12:00.


To comply with the shelter-in-place directive, we are going online.

Join us on Zoom for a makeshift online open mic this Saturday. Poems and short stories are welcome. We aren't expecting significant attendance this time, so let's assume each of us has 10 minutes. We can make one or more rounds. Read your own, or your favorite, or just what struck you so much that you want to share.

The time is chosen to accommodate East Coast and international participants:
- 10 AM Pacific time;
- 12 AM Chicago time;
- 1 PM East Coast time;
- 5 PM GMT;
- 7 PM Kyiv;
- 8 PM Moscow, Saint Petersburg.

To join from your computer (with or without video), install the application from https://zoom.us and enter[masked] in the "Join meeting" window.

To join by phone, use the following numbers:
[masked] (West Coast)
[masked] (East Coast)
[masked] (St. Petersburg)
[masked] (Moscow)
...contact us for a phone number in your area (Europe is covered).

Once you hear a prompt, enter the meeting ID (only the numbers) + two # signs:[masked]##

The event is announced elsewhere, so there would likely be more participants than the number of RSVPs on Meetup.

There will be Russian poems, but we aren't planning to keep the event Russian only.

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